Friday Food Find! Chocolove

Every skinnygirl needs to eat a bar of chocolate every once in a while – we can’t be perfect all the time! But hey, when you’re going to indulge you might as well do so in a way that really isn’t all that unhealthy. I’ve recently fallen in LOVE with these chocolate bars by Chocolove, they come in a TON of flavors and are made with high percentages of cocoa meaning they aren’t all that bad for you!



Both of these flavors are fantastic! The Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate has ground espresso beans in it for added crunch and the Currents & Almonds flavor is organic & 73% Cocoa – dark chocolate lovers rejoice!

Not only do these taste amazing but they are also incredibly cute…each chocolate bar has a love poem inside. (Is this what people mean by eat your feelings? – if so I’m ok with it)


nutrition facts for Coffee Crunch

As you can see, the nutrition facts really aren’t that bad either – a third of the Coffee Crunch bar is only 145 calories. All I can say is yum. This stuff is delicious and believe it or not, chocolate has health benefits. Dark chocolate (50-70% cocoa), like these, is full of antioxident flavonoids, which can improve cardiovascular health.

So enjoy your Friday you chocoholics! Go out & try some Chocolove! xoxo



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