Friday Food Find! New Favorite Chips

When I think of summertime snacks there are three things that come to mind: watermelon, pico de gallo, and guacamole. There’s nothing I love more than some fresh pico or guac – that said, I could eat the whole container of them by myself. So, in an attempt to make my guacamole obsession a little healthier I tried to find some healthy chips.

ImageThese chips are not only healthy, but incredibly tasty – I was thrilled to find something that’s good for me, delicious, & cheap! I got the flavor ‘Original’ which is made with black beans, so it’s high in protein AND gluten-free. Essentially this chip is for everyone, check it out:


It has a great flavor, and was suprisingly crispy – which I love! It also is lightly salted with sea salt so you can definitely say that I’ve found a new favorite chip to my dip. As always, the nutrition facts:


What I like about this is that there’s no trans fat, there’s potassium, protein and these chips are high in fiber meaning that they fill you up. One of the keys to maintaining a healthy weight/losing weight is eating a high-fiber and high-protein diet, because then you don’t get hungry when you shouldn’t be.

Overall I give these 5/5 stars – so go try them out for yourself!



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